Thought Leadership

Our experience, projects, and impact on the IT industry has allowed MTM Technologies to become a true thought leader in the technology space. Our ability to strategically deploy powerful solutions enables our clients to do great things for their organizations. Our engineers and architects regularly test and demo yet-to-be-released systems so that we can better understand and deliver them once they enter a production state. Furthermore, this helps us better support you!

Through our partnerships with leading organizations, MTM develops leading solutions specifically designed to help organizations try new platforms within their own data center walls. This includes:

  • Clientless VPN technologies
  • Completely clientless workload delivery including full Windows applications and desktops
  • Next-generation Unified Communications capabilities
  • Modern virtualization technologies spanning the cloud and the data center
  • Our revolutionary work around mobility enablement and control
  • Our complete understanding around everything that is software-defined technologies
  • New cloud delivery models, platforms and best practices
  • The ability to optimize at a logical and physical level with cutting edge technologies

The List Can Go On

At MTM, we pride ourselves on the ability to closely align with our IT partners and our clients. Through our own internal efforts – we educate our customers on upcoming technologies though diverse demos, live events, webinars, and private architectural sessions. As industry thought leaders – it is our goal to help push the IT world to the next level – and make sure these new solutions directly align with the goals of our valued clients.

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