Citrix XenDesktop 4: Five Problems Solved

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A system doesn’t become a solution until it addresses a particular business problem. And let’s face it: IT departments and the businesses they support need solutions more than they need systems. So, what makes Citrix XenDesktop 4 a solution? There are many advantages to implementing desktop virtualization through this platform, spanning business units and functions. To get you started, though, let’s start with five:

1. Loss of control: With desktop management centralized, IT departments can do more than merely write policies: they can enforce them. Protection doesn’t have to come at the expense of flexibility, as exceptions can be made part of the rule with XenDesktop 4.

2. Digital epidemics: Viruses and other malware will have more trouble infiltrating your operation, as end-user complacency can be constrained through central management. Careless downloads that lead to infected systems become much less likely.

3. Time to change: Updates and changes can be pushed out more easily, reducing the time needed by IT desktop support resources. Further, the risk that a project doesn’t go as planned is mitigated with XenDesktop 4, resulting in a general reduction of desktop management overhead.

4. Non-standard software: Desktop support issues from non-standard software are both time-consuming and preventable. With XenDesktop 4, the effects of users who disregard IT policies around software installations can be prevented.

5. Poor performance: This is the cumulative result of the other problems that XenDesktop 4 solves. With malware kept out, non-standard software blocked and manageable images and access in place, users won’t be at the mercy of slow PCs.

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