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Overcome the Top Three Barriers to Virtual Desktop Migrations

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Given the many and powerful advantages of a virtual desktop infrastructure, it’s natural to wonder why more companies haven’t adopted it. With Citrix XenDesktop 4, in particular, and its ability to improve Windows 7 rollout and management, you’d expect just about everyone to move to desktop virtualization. Of course, any major change in technology is disruptive – especially when it comes to your desktops. This can impede a value-accretive migration. Overcome these challenges, however, and you can make your IT department more efficient and your business users more productive.

Here are the top three reasons why companies have not adopted virtual desktop infrastructures and what you can do to overcome them:

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AppSense and Citrix Manage All User Details

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There’s a reason why AppSense was named the Citrix Ready Solution Partner of the Year back at Citrix Synergy. The solution drives end-user adoption and satisfaction in XenDesktop and XenApp environments, ultimately driving more ROI for your investment in desktop and application virtualization.

Specifically, according to a recent article in InfoWorld:

“The AppSense solution provides what is known as user virtualization, a technology that is still in its infancy; because of that, it doesn’t get a lot of airplay in the media. User virtualization isn’t discussed very often, so people may not have heard of the technology yet, let alone fully understand it or how it is used.”

With the AppSense Virtualized User Infrastructure, you can manage “everything specific to a user” – from user-based corporate policies to rights management and user-introduced applications.

Read the original article for a substantial review of how AppSense can help.

[Source: InfoWorld]

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Seven Advantages to Citrix XenApp 6

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Now is the time to upgrade! Whether you move to Citrix XenApp 6 or “trade up” to XenDesktop 4, the opportunities are substantial. It can be tough to give up what you know, but the pricing available on XenApp 6 and XenDesktop 4 is favorable, and the new features offered will accelerate your path to ROI.

For XenApp 6, here are seven reasons to make the move now:

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Bill Burley of Citrix Talks About XenApp 6

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Bill Burley, VP and General Manager of the XenApp Product Group, discusses the newly released XenApp 6 virtualization solution. Watch the video to learn more, and click here to read more about Citrix XenApp6 from MTM Technologies.

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Citrix Announces XenApp 6

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The latest version of the popular Citrix presentation server arrived last week. XenApp 6 is designed specifically for use on Windows Server 2008 R2, and it will integrate with Microsoft systems management tools and App-V application virtualization. XenApp 6 will also include support for video and audio conferencing and a simpler installation process. End-user self-service for application deployment is also available. Thanks to the addition of HDX support to the latest version of XenApp, smartphones are now included in the devices that this application virtualization platform can reach.

The new enhancements to XenApp 6 will be available as an integrated feature of Citrix XenDesktop 4, the top desktop virtualization solution on the market. Since more than half the ROI of a virtual desktop environment comes from centralized application management, the integration between XenDesktop 4 and XenApp 6 offers a substantial opportunity to extend the value of your Citrix virtualization investment. With a combined XenApp 6/XenDesktop 4 environment, you’ll be able to deliver applications as an on-demand service – to any user on any device and across a wide range of physical and virtual desktops.

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