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AppSense and Citrix Manage All User Details

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There’s a reason why AppSense was named the Citrix Ready Solution Partner of the Year back at Citrix Synergy. The solution drives end-user adoption and satisfaction in XenDesktop and XenApp environments, ultimately driving more ROI for your investment in desktop and application virtualization.

Specifically, according to a recent article in InfoWorld:

“The AppSense solution provides what is known as user virtualization, a technology that is still in its infancy; because of that, it doesn’t get a lot of airplay in the media. User virtualization isn’t discussed very often, so people may not have heard of the technology yet, let alone fully understand it or how it is used.”

With the AppSense Virtualized User Infrastructure, you can manage “everything specific to a user” – from user-based corporate policies to rights management and user-introduced applications.

Read the original article for a substantial review of how AppSense can help.

[Source: InfoWorld]

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Harness the power of the mobile workforce with Citrix XenDesktop

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The era of the same people sitting at the same desks every single day is behind us. The workforce is now mobile, and the trend isn’t going away. For businesses, this means being able to hire the best talent regardless of location, being able to spend more time with clients and gaining an unprecedented level of flexibility. Yet, it also comes with the challenge of keeping employees connected with the company when they’re waiting in airports, standing in clients’ hallways between meetings and working from home.

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