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Where Do You Turn for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support?

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In a best-of-breed virtual desktop infrastructure, where do you turn for help? At the enterprise level, there’s rarely one vendor involved, which means a variety of skills – and team members – may e involved in resolving a particular problem. For your IT managers, this can be frustrating. End users need support, and the IT manager’s reputation is on the line. Time spent hunting for the right people trims what’s available for remediation within standing SLAs.

To make the different virtualization layers work together, a variety of solutions may be necessary. The result is a streamlined infrastructure and improved business user experience, but it can create complications when something goes awry. This is the case when any environment relies on integrated systems for disparate technology vendors, and there are measures you can implement to protect your company.

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Citrix XenDesktop 4: Five Problems Solved

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A system doesn’t become a solution until it addresses a particular business problem. And let’s face it: IT departments and the businesses they support need solutions more than they need systems. So, what makes Citrix XenDesktop 4 a solution? There are many advantages to implementing desktop virtualization through this platform, spanning business units and functions. To get you started, though, let’s start with five:

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Get an Edge on Viruses with Citrix XenDesktop 4

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In the battle between IT departments and malware developers, victory for the “good guys” seems like a remote possibility. They are always a step ahead, and desktop support teams and security professionals are often forced to react to grave threats. Viruses don’t require much technical savvy to create, but protecting your enterprise from them does. It isn’t a fair fight. Further, the stakes are high. Your entire company is at risk – not to mention your customers and partners. Fortunately, you have a new tool in your arsenal of protective measures: Citrix XenDesktop 4.

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