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Desktop virtualization is among the top 2011 IT priorities for many organizations. This deceptively simple term spans a massive array of options ranging from incumbent providers to upstarts to folks solving problems, like printing, that many of us considered pretty well solved a few years ago in the “Server Based Computing” age.

It’s no wonder IT teams tasked with implementing (and later managing) virtualized desktop environments are deeply concerned about complexity and often end up embroiled in seemingly endless review and evaluation processes. Individually selecting best-of-breed components and fitting them together just-so can only take you so far. Every time you get ready to make a decision there is someone waving a new widget or thingamabob in your face that is better, faster, bigger and/or more efficient than what you planned on using.

The most reliable outcome: Paralysis by Analysis.

As an award-winning partner in the deployment of Citrix-based virtualization infrastructures over the past two decades, MTM Technologies has helped hundreds of customers facing this very challenge build efficient solutions. Invariably, however, pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together has required an excessive amount of time or money (and sometimes both).Model-Home-And-Blueprints-300x239

Just like with building a home, the best way to avoid this trap is to start with a basic, standard design that has been thoroughly tested and architecturally validated yet still gives you options and choice in the details.

The blueprint for our desktop virtualization solution is based on a rigorously tested Cisco Validated Design for Citrix XenDesktop on Cisco UCS and NetApp storage. This CVD outlines the most cost-effective, scalable and high performance architecture for hosting, securing and optimizing the delivery of virtual desktops. Using a validated design as your foundation can dramatically reduce upfront planning time, reduce risk and yield almost immediate results.

A full end-to-end solution, however, requires more than a solid foundation. In addition to a comprehensive desktop virtualization reference architecture, Cisco’s Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) spans collaboration, borderless networking and data center technologies and includes a full ecosystem of partners. MTM Technologies integrates products from Wyse, Trend-Micro, AppSense and others to build a complete, easily managed desktop virtual desktop infrastructure that provides end users with a pristine Windows 7 desktop at every login. We also provide frontline, first tier support across the entire solution.

This enables you to streamline your desktop operation, reduce the number of preventable support incidents and keep your business users focused on the business … not resolving technology problems.

Dozens of customers around the country have embraced this approach. Thorlabs, for example, embarked on a desktop virtualization project to provide secure around-the- clock remote data and application access to their entire global workforce.

If you have been looking at desktop virtualization and say “wow” while wondering “how” you can get there, join Citrix, Cisco, NetApp, and MTM Technologies at Synergy.

Picture 1

See how easy it can be to deploy Virtual Desktops when you don’t have to bolt together whatever parts you are given. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk directly with Thorlabs Global IT Director Dave Manhas about his deployment, impact, and lessons learned.

In addition to fantastic Citrix, Cisco and NetApp Synergy sessions MTM Technologies will be hosting live demos every half hour at the W Hotel. Register now to reserve your spot, and check out the ultimate in Synergy schwag …

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Use Desktop Virtualization to Control End-User Equipment Costs

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The cost advantages of virtual desktop infrastructures aren’t limited strictly to IT operations. You can also use this technology to lower expenses in other areas, such as selecting and issuing equipment to your employees. With the ability to push a fresh desktop (including Windows 7) to any device – including mobile devices – desktop virtualization provides the backbone for a change in your “standard issue” equipment for your business users.

If you could find a way to issue less expensive devices to your average employee, the cost savings across your company would be substantial. Think about replacing all those laptops with thin-clients, for example. From capital outlay for procurement through ongoing maintenance and replacement, the potential reduction in TCO is enormous.

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Overcome the Top Three Barriers to Virtual Desktop Migrations

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Given the many and powerful advantages of a virtual desktop infrastructure, it’s natural to wonder why more companies haven’t adopted it. With Citrix XenDesktop 4, in particular, and its ability to improve Windows 7 rollout and management, you’d expect just about everyone to move to desktop virtualization. Of course, any major change in technology is disruptive – especially when it comes to your desktops. This can impede a value-accretive migration. Overcome these challenges, however, and you can make your IT department more efficient and your business users more productive.

Here are the top three reasons why companies have not adopted virtual desktop infrastructures and what you can do to overcome them:

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Top Three Reasons to Move to Citrix XenDesktop

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Adoption of Citrix XenDesktop 4 has been robust. Many companies are interested in implementing a centralized solution for desktop management, particularly since the control it brings solves a number of IT support challenges, from software deployment to malware prevention. Operational efficiency gains are salient post-implementation, and the TCO and ROI cases are clear. Aside from these high-level benefits, though, there are a number of granular reasons to move to Citrix XenDesktop. Here are the top three:

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Where Do You Turn for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support?

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In a best-of-breed virtual desktop infrastructure, where do you turn for help? At the enterprise level, there’s rarely one vendor involved, which means a variety of skills – and team members – may e involved in resolving a particular problem. For your IT managers, this can be frustrating. End users need support, and the IT manager’s reputation is on the line. Time spent hunting for the right people trims what’s available for remediation within standing SLAs.

To make the different virtualization layers work together, a variety of solutions may be necessary. The result is a streamlined infrastructure and improved business user experience, but it can create complications when something goes awry. This is the case when any environment relies on integrated systems for disparate technology vendors, and there are measures you can implement to protect your company.

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Five Ways Citrix XenDesktop Improves Your Windows 7 Migration

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Windows 7 has arrived, is popular and is coming to an enterprise near you. Soon. Microsoft has already sold 175 million licenses, according to VentureBeat, making it the company’s fastest selling operating system in history. Many IT departments are already planning their migrations, a process that is likely to be long, time-consuming and packed with risk. Smooth out this operating system migration, and you can lower the total cost of ownership while easing the pressure on your department.

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How Do You Make the Case for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

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The hardest part of migrating to a virtual desktop infrastructure is explaining it to company executives. Central desktop management runs counter to what everyone knows, feels, and experiences about their desktops! It can be a challenge for those outside the datacenter to wrap their heads around this concept. Your job, when proposing a virtual desktop infrastructure, is to make it easy to understand.

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Citrix XenDesktop 4 First to Meet Burton Group’s SHVD Requirements

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Citrix XenDesktop 4 is the first virtual desktop solution to meet the Burton Group’s Server Hosted Virtual Desktop evaluation criteria. The new capabilities in XenDesktop 4 SP1 make it the first to address all 52 features required for SHVD. In addition to meeting the SHVD requirements, XenDesktop 4 SP1 hits 76 percent of the Burton Group’s preferred features.


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Citrix XenDesktop 4: Five Problems Solved

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A system doesn’t become a solution until it addresses a particular business problem. And let’s face it: IT departments and the businesses they support need solutions more than they need systems. So, what makes Citrix XenDesktop 4 a solution? There are many advantages to implementing desktop virtualization through this platform, spanning business units and functions. To get you started, though, let’s start with five:

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Citrix XenDesktop in the Education Market

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Take a look at how Campbell Union High School District used Citrix XenDesktop to benefit both students and faculty. Hear how administrators were able to significantly cut overall desktop replacement budgets.

[Source: Citrix TV]

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