Cisco UCS & Citrix PoC


The modern infrastructure has evolved to become a truly cloud-enabled environment. With this transformation, comes the evolution of virtualizing applications, desktops – and the means to deliver it all. With MTM’s Cisco UCS | Citrix Delivery Solution PoC, your business can begin to leverage new types of cloud-ready data center designs which granularly help control the user, your critical resources, and the delivery of rich content. By using a Cisco UCS and Citrix platform you begin to deliver more agility, easier management, and a truly advanced user experience. Imagine creating an intelligent “follow-the-sun” data center model completely in-line with your clientless application and desktop delivery architecture! Now, test pilot the latest in cloud-ready date center technologies with the Cisco UCS platform coupled with StoreFront, XenDesktop 7 and the revolutionary Citrix HTML5-ready Receiver. Deliver rich content and applications directly via a web-enabled browser – all the while controlling user experiences, resources, and your data center via the UCS Management Console.

The Cisco UCS | Citrix Delivery Solution PoC will show you how to deliver applications – Windows, Mobile, SaaS – directly from your
datacenter and onto truly mobile devices – all while utilizing true next-generation advanced security and the performance optimizations of Cisco UCS!

Cisco UCS + Citrix Platform = Enterprise-class data center controls & Web-enabled content/app delivery

Using a proven methodology to ensure a successful implementation, MTM Technologies provides the Cisco UCS | Citrix Delivery Solution PoC service, giving you the ability to use this technology to create a virtual test lab in your environment.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how a powerful Cisco UCS platform will enhance security, network controls, and create direct optimizations.
  • In using Citrix and Cisco UCS – you’ll have faster connections, greater user capacity, better resource management, and fewer support calls.
  • Learn to deliver dynamic applications and rich content to users both inside and outside of your environment.
  • Create true mobility with a clientless receiver and a next-generation user experience.
  • Remember – if you like it, you can keep it! We make it very easy to expand and add more users!

Project Deliverables

  • Implementation and guided tour of the Citrix and Cisco UCS environment in your virtual lab and data center.
  • Presentation of UCS, XenDesktop 7 and HTML5 Receiver benefits, architecture, and best practices.
  • Discussion and 4-hour presentation around scale-out architecture, policy deployment, and management.
  • Proof-of-concept evaluation environment installed and configured with a pilot Cisco UCS C220 M3 (and the UCS Management Console) device, Citrix XenDesktop 7,
    NetScaler Gateway VPX, StoreFront, applications and the HTML5 Receiver.

Project Roles and Responsibilities

Through interactive workshops and implementation of the Cisco UCS | Citrix Delivery Solution PoC – MTM will deliver a working Citrix and Cisco UCS proof of concept environment which the Customer can use to test and evaluate.

  • MTM Consultant-Leads technology workshop sessions, provides architecture and best practices knowledge transfer for the Citrix and Cisco UCS architecture, installs
    the web-enabled HTML5 proof of concept environment.
  • Customer Server and Network Administrator-Provisions adequate server and network resources in the Customer’s virtual lab, including server processor, memory, storage, and networking configuration; participates in workshop sessions.

Prerequisites Requirements

  • Virtual Infrastructure and hypervisor availability.
  • Firewall Access to update policies and public IP addresses.
  • Network access and topology – as needed.
  • One SSL Certificate, External DNS name.
  • At least 1U available within a data center rack.

Service Requirements

  • All work will be performed during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, excluding MTM-designated holidays. For a list of holidays, contact your MTM Account Executive.

Scope of Services

  • Deployment of Virtual Servers: (1) XenDesktop 7 Controller, (1) XenDesktop 7 App Server, (5) Dedicated Desktops, (1) StoreFront Server, (1) Netscaler Gateway VPX
  • Four hour architectural discussion and presentation around scale-out architecture, policy deployment, and management.
  • Configure (1) Cisco UCS C220 M4 (and the UCS Management Console) server for testing virtual infrastructure delivery.
  • Maximum: 30 Users | 3 Business Apps | 1 Desktop Image
  • Includes 5 days of engineering services.

Out of Scope

Any additional work outside of the tasks defined in this Agreement is considered out-of-scope, and will be quoted in a separate Statement of Work.

Billing Terms

MTM will invoice Services for this engagement upon completion. All invoices are payable within 10 calendar days of the invoice date.

Terms and Conditions

This Cisco | Citrix Delivery Solution PoC Agreement is subject to and governed by the MTM Technologies Services Agreement between Customer and MTM, or, if Customer and MTM have not executed a Services Agreement, the terms of MTM’s standard Master Agreement, which is posted at and a copy of which is available upon your request (in either case, the “Master Agreement”). This Cisco UCS | Citrix Delivery Solution PoC Agreement shall be considered a “Sales Order” for purposes of the Master Agreement.
Mobility phone support is limited to PoC support of devices and some connectivity troubleshooting.

Travel Expenses

Actual costs for hotel, flights, rental cars and/or mileage reimbursement, tolls, and meals will be charged back to Customer.


MTM Cisco | Citrix Delivery Solution PoC $10,000
Total days allocated to POC Builds 5 days
Services Part # MTM-PRO-GSP-PRJ