Microsoft Licensing

Trying to understand how VDI Licensing works???!
Click Here to Download Microsoft's "Windows Licensing for VDI Quick Reference."


It doesn't have to be!!!!

Not when you use MTM's Microsoft Analytics!!!

What is Microsoft Licensing Analytics?
Analysis with a purpose – MTM works hand in hand with its LAR of choice – Softmart to consultatively analyze your current Microsoft licensing against the backdrop of your technology and financial strategies. We thoroughly document our findings – identifying areas of strength, potential risks, and targets for optimization, and then we regularly review your progress. Our method and documentation provide a clear understanding of all options, benefits and risks, and create a dynamic history of your Microsoft licensing engagement for continuity and future reference.

What is the value?
We work for you – We are relentless advocates for our clients. Our primary concern is total satisfaction with your Microsoft investment – satisfaction both with the outcome and the process.
Cutting edge expertise – Today’s licensing complexity, combined with the tightening of IT budgets across all industries, necessitates a stringent and thorough exploration of the value derived from your Microsoft technology investment. 

Why is MTM different?
Documented process – Using our in depth approach,  we are able to take a systematic, process-oriented approach with deliverables, agreement benchmarks, milestones, and documentation. We even assist with proposals and supporting collateral for distribution internally, presentation to upper-management, or engaging with Microsoft.

We're "always-on" – We don’t stop once an agreement is done. We continue to work with you throughout the course of your agreement, always looking for new ways to enhance your Microsoft investment. We’ll bring you new ideas, new ways to save, and make sure there are no surprises.

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