Cloud & Virtualization

The world of cloud computing is continuing to evolve. MTM Technologies is here to help you navigate an ever-changing cloud environment. Whether it’s private, public, hybrid or community – MTM has the engineering, management, and architectural resources to help you make the right decision. Our experience has allowed organizations to create highly robust and resilient cloud platforms capable of dynamic scale. Find out how MTM can help you with your cloud initiative!

Find out how MTM can help you with your cloud initiative!

What is virtualization?

At its core, virtualization is the process through which companies leverage software to consolidate resources and IT management to provide a higher level of service at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In the case of Server Virtualization it’s a matter of consolidating the operations of multiple physical servers into virtual servers hosted and partitioned on one physical server. Application virtualization addresses the need to centralize end-user applications at the datacenter. Desktop Virtualization brings fully personalized desktops of an entire workforce from individual personal computing devices to the datacenter. Storage virtualization pools resources, and leverages unused storage assets across disparate arrays in a SAN, unifying the management system.

What is the cloud?

Backed by virtualization and logical technologies – cloud computing is the means to communicate, distribute data, and collaborate using data center and Internet resources. At the core, cloud computing relies on data center technologies to help the delivery process of very rich resource. From a delivery perspective – there are a few models to keep in mind:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud

Each of these platforms has unique use-cases and deployment scenarios. Ultimately, cloud computing helps organizations become a lot more scalable, resilient, and efficient when it comes to resource utilization. MTM is here to ensure you have the optimal cloud deployment which directly aligns with your IT capabilities and your organization’s business goals.

Why Cloud Computing and Virtualization?

Virtualization and cloud technologies enable you to do a lot more with a whole lot less. Whether it’s Application, Desktop, Server, or Storage platforms, cloud computing and virtualization directly impact the performance end-users need to stay productive, the IT infrastructure’s ability to quickly adapt and scale, and the organization’s overall ability to operate efficiently and stay ahead. Remember, to out-compute means to out-compete!

When adopting a cloud or virtualization strategy, organizations instantly see:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increase Resource Utilization
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Manageability and Control

Where MTM can help with your cloud and virtualization strategies

  • Application virtualization and delivery (legacy and modern)
  • Desktop and workspace virtualization
  • Server, storage, and network virtualization
  • Cloud model delivery methodologies and architecture
  • Application and WAN acceleration
  • Virtualization and cloud professional services
  • Licensing
  • Training

No matter the strategy, virtualization and the cloud are powerful technologies that are now an indispensable component of any forward thinking, efficiency minded organization.


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