Data Center

The modern data center has truly become the home of all cloud, virtualization and next-generation technologies. MTM Technologies has seen the evolution of the data center and how this platform has become an integral part of any organization. Our solutions revolve around both the logical and physical aspects of an infrastructure. Everything from design to best practices and deployment – MTM understands the intricate workings of a data center platform.

Data Center | MTM Technologies

Where the modern
data center is headed

There are many changes happening in the data center world. A lot of this revolves around the end-user. MTM technologies completely understands the complex dynamics of the modern data center and where these technologies are going.

  • More cloud
  • More data
  • A lot more users
  • IT consumerization
  • Always-connected generation

As your data center and the industry evolves – MTM Technologies will be your strategic partner to help guide you along the evolutionary process.

MTM Data Center

How MTM redefines data center technologies

Our engineers, architects and accounts teams understand the importance of the data center and where the future of this infrastructure is headed. Here is where we help:

  • Network, storage, compute, and collaboration design and architecture
  • Data center optimizations (WANOP, software-defined technologies)
  • Disaster recovery and data center resiliency
  • Data replication, backup and control
  • Data center convergence technologies
  • Creating micro-cloud, or, micro-data center platforms
  • Advanced resource controls spanning multiple nodes
  • User, application, and workload load-balancing for multiple data center sites
  • The creation of a “follow-the-sun” data center model
  • MTM utilizes the latest in data center technologies to enable your organization to do great things with your data center platform

Reach out to MTM Technologies today to learn about our great solutions and how it can empower your organization.

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