Introducing a Wide Area Network Purpose-Built for Today’s Remote Workforce

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Introducing a Wide Area Network Purpose-Built for Today’s Remote Workforce

By Anthony Oligino, VP of Technology Solutions at MTM Technologies

If your company is like most organizations today, your workforce is remote, working from home or small offices. Even your larger offices now feel like a series of branch offices that serve smaller groups of employees. To better serve the networking needs of today’s real-world, distributed workforce, MTM has just launched a Software Defined Wide Area Networking for Distributed Workforces (SD-WAN-DW) and managed services solution. I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but the idea behind it is solid.

With today’s distributed, anywhere, anytime workforce, it has become increasingly critical to provide a flexible and secure wide area networking solution that can be centrally managed from the cloud. We developed our SD-WAN-DW and managed services solution to enable your organization to recreate the IT experience of being in the office no matter where your workforce is located, whether they’re at headquarters, a branch or working-from-home.

The MTM SD-WAN-DW is built on Cisco’s WAN Edge and Meraki technologies to provide secure access, a seamless user experience, and end to end visibility when connecting to cloud applications. This empowers your organization’s IT teams to centrally manage a globally-distributed workforce – including branch offices as well as work-from-home employees — while also reducing costs.

Let’s take a look under the hood. Click here to see how our SD-WAN-DW solution could help your organization. Click here to see what components make up our SD-WAN-DW solution.

The MTM Technologies SD-WAN-DW Solution

To provide additional information and share some use cases, we created a series of video scenarios detailing how our SD-WAN-DW solution delivers secure real-world access to enterprise resources for globally-distributed employees:

Headquarters – Enable your headquarters or main office to become the central hub of communications and IT management without impacting overall network bandwidth. Watch our Real-World in New York City video to see how SD-WAN-DW can help you save money and deliver improved connectivity requirements.

Manufacturing & Distribution – Improve the capacity and performance of your global network. Watch our Real-World in Singapore video to see how SD-WAN-DW can help you reduce the complexities of WAN traffic management across multiple locations and regions.

Retail – Reduce the costs for deploying and supporting your enterprise network. Watch our Real-World in Paris video to see how SD-WAN-DW can help you automatically optimize WAN traffic and application performance while reducing costs.

Work-From-Anywhere – Provide remote working for the long haul and recreate an IT experience like being in the office. Watch our Work-From-Anywhere video to learn how our SD-WAN-DW solution can help you extend the IT experience, eliminate risks, and plan for the future for your work-from-anywhere teams.

Real-World SD-WAN FAQ – Watch our FAQ video to get the facts about how an SD-WAN can benefit your organization.

 MTM Technologies for SD-WAN-DW – Watch our video that details why MTM Technologies is the right partner for your Real-World SD-WAN needs.

Cisco WAN Edge & Meraki Components + MTM Managed Services

The MTM Technologies SD-WAN-DW and managed services solution leverages Cisco SD-WAN routers and appliances that deliver secure, cloud-scale architecture, along with the Cisco vManage console, to quickly connect data centers, branches, campuses, and remote work-from-home locations to improve network speed, security, and efficiency. The MTM Technologies SD-WAN-DW and managed services solution includes:

  • Cisco Catalyst, ISR, and vEdge Routers – Provides high-performance branch and campus routing with integrated network services.
  • Cisco Meraki MX Security & SD-WAN Enterprise Appliance – Provides a cloud-managed set of capabilities from an all-in-one device to deliver secure hub-centric connectivity, as well as application quality of experience (QoE), through advanced analytics with machine learning.
  • Cisco Meraki Z3 Teleworker Solution – Provides fast, reliable, and secure network connectivity from anywhere for mission-critical and sensitive data. The Z3 is perfect for BYOD or company-issued devices, providing easy device management through a cloud-based dashboard. It also offers a predictable customer experience through high-quality VoIP communication, so work-from home feels just like work-in-office.
  • MTM Technologies Managed Services for SD-WAN Environments – Provides tactical support that allows our clients to redirect their resources toward strategic initiatives that transform their businesses. Our consumption-based services allow business operations to function more efficiently, at predictable and controlled costs leaving room for innovation and growth.

Your organization’s network has changed this past year – likely for the foreseeable future. Our SD-WAN-DW solution was built to help you manage your entire network no matter where your users are or what the future brings.

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