How Legacy Can Be a Digital, Not Inhibiting Word

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How Legacy Can Be a Digital, Not Inhibiting Word

Mention the word “legacy” in conversations with the C-Suite or digital teams, and chances are a hush will ensue.

How did legacy get to be such a dirty word?

The world is undergirded with legacy apps that still have value. That’s not heresy: It’s reality.

Yet the reality is that legacy systems can’t stay the same. IT teams need a strategy for breathing new life into the systems – and connecting them to the cloud for greater agility and visibility. It’s just common sense that big back-office systems will eventually be replaced with interoperable apps that are easy to iterate and evolve. Hello, DevOps and continuous innovation. Goodbye, waterfall and proprietary systems that are expensive and limiting.

However, change is easier said than done, if it takes yet more custom development and integration to “SaaSify” aging legacy apps and systems. Is there a better way to balance past IT investments, present business needs, and future growth ambitions?

Fortunately, virtualization provides a path forward: ending an era of IT isolation. Silos of isolated databases and systems that don’t communicate but have valuable data and business processes embedded in them can be connected and web-enabled. Apps tied to legacy architectures that are available only on-premise via Windows clients can be “Sassified” to empower mobile workforces and workstyles.

Let’s look at enterprise imperatives and how IT teams can chart a course forward.

  1. IT teams know that their business needs to go cloud-first, but they can’t sacrifice business continuity and the budget.

Enterprise executives everywhere have realized that they need to accelerate their cloud journey to compete in the digital economy. They have seen Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, the “FANG” stock market powerbrokers, use cloud services, data, and analytics to drive product innovation, enhance customer service, and move into adjacent verticals, growing to an astounding $2.6 trillion in market capitalization. It’s no wonder that 81% of executives now say platform-based businesses are core to their growth strategy.

So adopting cloud services and transforming IT infrastructures to make this shift a reality is a top priority for the C-Suite. For most enterprises, however, going totally digital with Software as a Service (SaaS) tools right now isn’t wanted or needed. They want to create their own unique cloud strategy that provides customization, flexibility, and control.

Companies may go all-in on a public cloud for a use case or app, but use a hybrid IT infrastructure to run and grow much of the business. CIOs may feel comfortable shifting some workloads to the public cloud to run digital experiments, test, and grow. However, they want to maintain confidential business processes in on-premises architecture, especially true in regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and retail. Some 85% of companies have a “multi-cloud” strategy, leveraging the hybrid cloud or multiple public and private clouds to meet their needs.

Workspace as a Service (WaaS) is a great place to start the cloud journey. Companies can move away from buying and managing costly hardware and software, using AnywhereApp’s virtualized desktops and apps to fuel employee mobility and productivity, while delivering a near-native experience.

Want more? Use AnywhereApp’s one-click provisioning to access virtual machines, storage, desktop image management, compute and network components, and anti-virus/security solutions – everything you need to run your business.

Adopt a custom cloud strategy with our cloud migration brief.

  1. IT teams want to rationalize their IT infrastructure and maximize the value of legacy applications, without costly application rewrites or modifications.

Think of legacy applications as a treasure hunt: Not all that glitters is gold. A recent CIO article advocated that IT directors review and prioritize applications, comparing it to decluttering an attic. “Bloated and inefficient on-premises applications will still be bloated in the cloud if you don’t take the time upfront to clean them up or throw them out entirely,” opined CIO.

Companies need a flexible, agile partner, who can support a wider array of cloud business cases as they conduct a strategic review of their applications. Think “yes and” rather than “either/or” when it comes to cloud.

Companies have custom applications that they’d like to maintain in on-premises and co-located data centers, apps that can be “Sassified” and easily moved to the cloud, and apps that should be retired. Let AnywhereApp help you turn complicated legacy software that still has life in it into agile virtual apps, without rewrites or modifications. Use AnywhereApp to host your apps on the infrastructure of your choice: a custom-designed public, private, hybrid cloud or on-premises infrastructure, or all of the above. They work just like before, only are now accessible anywhere: as SaaS tools to empower mobile workforces.

“Sassify” legacy apps for a better UX & higher value, while reducing the pain & strain of managing IT. Learn more:

“Sassifying” legacy apps with AnywhereApp can make serious business sense: Enterprises empower IT teams and end-users alike with apps that are delivered to any device, anywhere. They reduce the headache of IT support with IT project and management services, including design, deployment, and management from a single source and enjoy pay-as-you-go per-user pricing. Stop, start, and scale with ease. AnywhereApp couldn’t be easier to use, deploy, provision, and manage, because MTM Technologies, Inc. handles these responsibilities for all its clients – you.

Sassify legacy apps and enjoy cloud economics.
Get the brief.

  1. Get cloud cover with comprehensive security and performance.

Many enterprises are worried about business harm from cloud services outages or the loss of valuable, confidential data stored in the cloud. AnywhereApp takes IT security seriously. We aggregate virtualized solutions from companies that enterprises know and trust like Amazon Aws, Microsoft Windows and Azure, Cisco, Citrix, IGEL, and Pure Storage. Then we offer wrap-around security with:

  • Automated updates: AnywhereApp uses the Res One Automation suite to streamline the management of your hybrid environment by automating infrastructure, cloud, and workspace processes including builds, maintenance, upgrades, and automated fixes.
  • Identity and access management with Citrix XenApp to securely enable your users, while protecting your data, apps, and network
  • Data security, that uses containerization, encryption, and file security to secure data in the cloud, not on devices
  • App security, with centralized control and access regardless of device
  • Network security, with encrypted delivery of apps and data and 100% uptime and performance to protect your business

Want to learn more about how to chart a course for a custom cloud journey? Join us for our Capitalizing on the Cloud: How to Transform Your Business with a Custom Cloud Strategy Webinar on October 12 or October 26 at 11:00 AM EST.

During this webinar you learn how IT leaders can capitalize on the cloud with a customized digital strategy from MTM CTO, Bill Kleyman.

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